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本文摘要:Little Fun Facts about FPXFPX的那些趣事Since everyone and their mothers in the west already know G2 and what color of underwear Perkz like to wear, I'm here to spread some fun facts about FPX coming into the Finals in 2019 League of Legends Wor


Little Fun Facts about FPXFPX的那些趣事Since everyone and their mothers in the west already know G2 and what color of underwear Perkz like to wear, I'm here to spread some fun facts about FPX coming into the Finals in 2019 League of Legends World's Championship.鉴于每个西方观众和他们的家人都告诉G2的一些萼,比如阿P讨厌穿什么颜色的内裤,那么作为另一只转入219年世界赛总决赛战队,我也要给大家共享一些关于FPX有意思的萼。In FPX, the hierarchy of the teammates in terms of vote and voice they have on the team is Tian at the top by a very very big margin, DoinB at second, followed by Crisp and GimGoon, and LWX is in the lowest tier.在FPX队中,就队内地位和话语权而言,小天以X鲟+Y虎的优势遥遥领先,硬币哥分列第二,紧随其后的是Crisp和贡子哥,LWX作为工具人位列最后,无所谓的。

Tian is known in the chinese league community as 阴阳怪气兲 , or the edgy turtle that says a lot of random shit. 兲, reads as Tian, comes from which means turtle in chinese. The reason Tian is known as that is because back in his debut, his Korean ladder summoners name was suantouwangba which means Garlic Turtle literally and is an reference to Bulbasaur from Pokemon. In Bilibili, AKA chinese youtube, Tian has his own channel and videos of him teaching people how to talk like him which is just him trash talking everyone小天在LPL中被誉为阴阳怪气兲。兲被读成天,寓意是中文的乌龟。


Doinb, apart from being the Super Carry DoinB, is also known as 舞王 or the King of Dancing in the community now because of the Perkz twit about his room being next to DoinBs, as his response was that he was dancing all night long for his stream viewers and even twitted back a video of him dancing.软B哥,除了大C这个封号外,他还被誉为舞王。因为两人房间邻接,阿P在推特上勾引硬币哥,辱骂不会间隔一小时去敲打个门睡觉他睡觉,硬币哥也强硬态度对此道他常常整宿给粉丝们唱歌,晚上睡觉不睡都无所谓的,硬币哥还特地放了他参与黑池拉丁舞比赛的视频。

Crisp, or 刘青松 (his IRL name), is being memed by Gimgoon as 送送送来 or feed feed feed in Chinese, because the last character of his name 泊 sounds very similar to feeding which is 送来. He is also known as 衡阳国王,or King of HengYang, which is the city he was born.Crisp,也就是刘青松,贡子哥给他所取了个外号叫送送送来,因为他名字的最后一个字送来的谐音是送来。刘青山被称作衡阳的王,那是他名门的城市。GimGoon, known as 鬼叫王, Or the King of Demon Shouting, is recognized by him complaining and shouting all the time in his stream very loudly.金贡,鬼叫王,也被称作低声恶魔王,因为他总是在大声的Rap。

大家好,我是CDW金贡,如PH般讨厌TTLwx, aka 339, which comes from xiangxiang9, also summoner name from his KR solo q ladder account. He's memed in the chinese community as 没什么特色的AD, or the ADC that has no characteristic features.LWX,也叫339,来源自xiangxiang9,也就他韩服的召唤师名字。他在中国LPL被誉为没什么特色的AD。无所谓的。

你脖子没有了 , Your Neck is Now Gone is a meme from China refering to Gimgoon liking to touch peoples necks when he gets trashtalked. For some time, FPX's coach was wearing a neck protector from an injury he had and fans suspected that it was Gimgoon who did it, which was proven false but the meme stayed for everytime Gimgoon gets trashtalked.你的脖子就让是中国的一个萼,因为金贡讨厌在双语Rap时摸着别人的脖子。有一段时间,FPX的教练因为伤势戴着一个脖套,粉丝们猜测是金贡干的,当然最后证明他是无罪的,但每当金贡开始Rap时,粉丝们就不会翻这个萼。Crisp is also very much recognized for his trashtalking, people made a schedule of Crisps daily rutine and it was 8 hours of sleeping and 16 hours of trashtalking, although he is actually pretty silent most of the times according to teammates, but when he talks shit, he goes for where it hurts, not even Tian is on his level of trash talking.刘青松也是个语言大滑,大家分析了他的作息表格找到,他每天睡觉8个小时,口吐芬芳16个小时,语言方面的功力甚至比小天更胜一筹。Gimgoon is also known as rap god, both in chinese and korean when he streams, when he gets excited, he talks very very fast, along with quick hand movements, ******, often comes with a horrible shriek from the desk as he hits it over and over. But outside of streaming, he is a very caring teammate and often takes the blame for every misplay and losses, aswell as being very interactive with his fans in Weibo, QQ group chat and stream.贡子哥为被誉为饶舌界的上帝,通晓中韩双语,当他进入状态的时候,他说出的速度十分慢,预示着较慢的手部敲打桌面的动作,像XXX、XXXX等等这些短语预示着他的尖叫声和桌面的敲击声弹奏出有华美的乐章。

但是在私底下,他是一个十分有爱的人,常常主动为队伍背锅,也常常在微博、QQ群中跟粉丝对话。Hopefully FPX can get more fans in west too, because right now in the chinese community, a lot of people are preparing the pitchfork and torches if FPX didn't win the whole thing, and they've made very far as rookies in the international stage. Please respect every player that works 16 hours a day to bring you the best league of legends in the world.期望FPX也能在西方获得更好的粉丝,因为在中国,即便FPX没夺得最后冠军,很多人也不会为他们起立,因为作为世界赛事的菜鸟他们的展现出也早已充足好了。请求认同每一位运动员每天16小时的代价为大家带给世界上最精彩的比赛。下面是外国网友评论:oth FPX and G2 deserve the title, that's why they are on the finals!Both winning will be AMAZING, the only thing i'm looking foward is how AWESOME this series are going to be!FPX和G2都配上取得冠军,因为他们都转入决赛了! 两只队伍不管谁获得胜利都是可以接管的,我唯一期望的是他们能投出多么精彩的比赛!Another 3-1 confirmed认同又是一个3-1Im just happy we arent getting any more shitty skt skins我很高兴我们不必在卖SKT那么番茄的皮肤了Crisp also spends 1 hour on skin care every day. The whole 'Crisp spends 8 hr sleeping and 16 hr trashtalking' saying was from Tian's stream. Tian then mentioned 'he also spends an hour on skin care'.Crisp每天也要花上1个小时展开皮肤护理。

花8小时睡和16小时垃圾话的萼来自小天。天随后补足了一句他还花上了一个小时护肤。Nice little profiling. I like how basically they all trash talk too but the fanbase over there hated Perkz for trash talking too much haha.All seem like good guys though. Hope vhf it to be a great final whoever wins很好的讲解。


期望不会有一场精彩的决赛。I think they are the team that probably gained the most fans. So little was known about them, if they can keep up their success over the long term they can build a RNG/IG like brand我指出他们不会很吸粉的队伍。

大家目前对他们知之甚少,如果他们能长期保持顺利,他们就能创建一个类似于RNG/IG的品牌DoinB is so assimilated that I would almost consider him Chinese.Im definitely rooting for him, hes hilarious and love his comeback story.(SKT粉丝) 硬币哥几乎同化了,我完全指出他是中国人。我意味著反对他,他很无厘头,讨厌他重返的故事。Anyone's got any videos of Gimgoon rapping?大家有金贡双语饶舌的视频吗Your neck is now gone is an amazing meme. Thanks for all those nuggets of info!你脖子没有了这个萼过于无厘头了。

谢谢你共享的信息。Ive pretty much only watched LCS and LEC and some LCK when I can. After FPX beat IG and doinb jumped up hyped af smashing himself into his teammates, I totally regret not following them in the LPL haha.我基本上只看LEC、LCS、LCK的比赛,在看见FPX打败IG硬币哥跳跃一起亲吻队友后,我很愧疚没尽早的去LPL看他们的比赛Thanks for the post! The more I learn about these guys, the more interested I become in their team and the LPL in general谢谢你的帖子!我对这些人理解得越多,我对他们的队伍和整个LPL越大感兴趣gimgoon also likes to smash tables.金贡也讨厌扔桌子啊。

Tian's trashtalking is actually hilarious wtf小天的垃圾话过于TM无厘头了I hope FPX wins just for the small chance of Qiyana getting another skin我期望FPX能输掉,为了奇亚娜的新皮肤Thank you for this. I don't really like G2, but the FPX roster has grown on me and this really helps know them a bit better. It's nice to have someone to root for in the finals.谢谢你的信息。我本来就不过于讨厌G2,现在FPX早已是我的主队了(通过你的讲解)。很高兴在总决赛上能有自己反对的队伍。

This was great. Thanks! I'm rooting for FPX.过于有意思了,谢谢讲解,我现在反对FPX了!!So.. Gimgoon can actually choke in the finals, literally? hahaso....金贡不会在决赛中窒息而死吗,哈哈Thank you for the post. Can you explain more on why Tian is on the top of the hierarchy?谢谢你的讲解。你能再行多解释一下为什么小天是队伍中地位最低的吗?KR/Chinese banter or trashtalking are so wholesome and hilarious.中韩双语垃圾话知道是过于无厘头了Can someone link gimgoons stream? Im assuming he doesnt stream on twitch and I dont speak chinese or korean so its so hard to find it.有人能给我金贡双语的频道吗?他不出TWICH直播,我也会说道中文或韩语,所以很难寻找他。I definetely root for G2, but I will not stand sad if FPX lifts up the trophy, lets go FPX and G2!我当然是反对G2的,但如果FPX夺标我也会伤心,打气FPX,打气G2I can't wait to be their fan...... after they lose to G2. If they beat G2 I will forever hold them accountable for my broken heart我迫不及待想要沦为他们的粉丝......当然是在他们败给G2之后。如果他们输掉了G2,我会悲伤。

That(没什么特色的AD)sounds like one of the worst burns you could give someone. Its hilarious.没什么特色的AD这个评价是语言所能抵达的淋漓尽致了。过于无厘头了。





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